Free Scheme Programming Ebooks Download

Scheme is a multi paradigm minimalist programming language which has very simple syntax. Scheme got influence from Lisp and Algol. Scheme is a general purpose high level and functional programming language suited for text editor applications, Compiler optimization, raster graphics systems, expert systems, numerical, financial analysis applications and GIMP uses Scheme as a Scripting Language. Scheme programs are highly portable and machine independent. Scheme is considered as a dialect of Lisp programming language.
Few of major implementations of Scheme programming are MIT/GNU Scheme, Scheme 48, Chez Scheme, PLT Scheme, STk, and STklos, etc. Scheme language elements are comments, variables, functions, lists, data types, equality, control structures and input/output. Scheme programs are in block structured form.
In this posting i wish to provide you free Scheme programming ebooks download links which will guide to learn Scheme programming, Scheme language elements in detail, Scheme implementations, Scheme usage and scheme history.
Following are the free Scheme programming ebooks download links. Visit these links and familiarize in programming with Scheme and its applications.
  1. The Scheme Programming Language Second Edition View/Download
  2. The Scheme Programming Language Third Edition View/Download
  3. The Scheme Programming Language by Ken Dickey View/Download
  4. Concrete Abstractions: An introduction to Computer Science using Scheme View/Download
  5. How to use Scheme: writing scripts and programs with PLT Scheme View/Download
  6. Schematics Scheme Cookbook View/Download
  7. Teach yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days View/Download
  8. An introduction to Scheme and its Implementation View/Download
  9. Revised Report on Algorithmic Language Scheme 5 View/Download
  10. Scheme requests for Implementation View/Download
  11. Revised Report on Algorithmic Language Scheme R6RS View/Download
  12. Revised Report on Algorithmic Language Scheme R6RS - Standard Libraries View/Download
  13. Revised Report on Algorithmic Language Scheme R6RS - Non Normative Appendices View/Download
  14. Revised Report on Algorithmic Language Scheme R6RS - Rationale View/Download

Free Ruby Programming Ebooks Download

Ruby is an object oriented general purpose programming language developed in 1990. It has features like dynamic type system and memory management. Ruby Syntax is similar to Python and Perl with features of Lisp. Ruby interpreter is a single pass interpreter. Alternate versions of Ruby Programming language are Rubinius, IronRuby, and JRuby. IronRuby is for .Net Platform, JRuby is for Java Platform and Rubinius is for smalltalk virtual machines. Latest versions of Ruby are Ruby 1.8.6 and Ruby 1.9.0.
Ruby has features such as object oriented capability, exception handling, regular expressions, operator overloading, garbage collection, DLL support, metaprogramming, supports dependency injection and object runtime alteration, has large standard library and Ruby is highly portable. Ruby is available for almost all operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, OS/2, Symbian OS, and OpenVMS, etc.
In this post i wish to provide you free Ruby programming ebooks download links through which you can master in Ruby programming, learn Ruby Object, variable and Classes, Ruby expression and modules, Ruby input and output, Ruby thread and process, Ruby object oriented design libraries, Ruby Built in Classes and Methods and Extending Ruby, etc.
Following are free Ruby programming ebooks download links. Visit these links and familiarize with Ruby programming and its similarity with other languages.
  1. Programming Ruby : The Pragmatic Programmers Guide View/Download
  2. Humble Little Ruby Book View/Download
  3. Ruby Essentials View/Download
  4. Ruby Quick Reference View/Download
  5. Learn to Program View/Download
  6. Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby View/Download
  7. The Little Book of Ruby View/Download
  8. Ruby Study Notes View/Download
  9. Ruby User's Guide View/Download
  10. A little Ruby, A lots of Object View/Download
  11. Data Structures and Algorithms with Object Oriented Design patterns in Ruby View/Download
  12. Ruby Core and Standard API Documents View/Download
  13. Ruby Quiz View/Download
  14. Rolling with Ruby on Rails View/Download
  15. Four Days on Rails View/Download
  16. Fast Track your web apps with Ruby on Rails View/Download
  17. Ruby tomorrow's Language Today View/Download
  18. Ruby Programming Language View/Download
  19. Object Oriented Language Ruby View/Download
  20. Ruby Code and Style View/Download

Free Python Ebooks Download

Python is an object oriented high level programming language and is similar to Perl, Ruby, Schema, etc. Python has highly readability and easy for programmers to understand code. Python instruction and semantics are minimal but, Python has a large standard library and supports dynamic type system and memory management. Various Python versions are Python 1.0, Python 1.2, Python 1.4, Python 1.6, Python 2.0, Python 2.1, Python 2.2, Python 2.3, Python 2.4 and future version Python 3.0. Python is used in Zope Server, Mnet distributed file tube, Youtube, etc. Google and NASA also uses Python.
Python is also used in Information Security systems and used as scripting language in 3D animation softwares like Maya, Paint shop Pro, MMORPG, Modo and Nuke. etc. Python supports functional level programming like in HaskelL and Standard ML. Python's main feature is dynamic name resolution, moreover it is an extensible language. Debugging levels in Python is very fast and thus programmers can found bugs very easily. So Python is good for Rapid Action Development applications.
In this posting i wish to provide you free Python ebooks download links through which you can learn basic Python instructions, Python Standard library, Python applications, Python image library, Data Structure with Python, Python Interpreter, GUI programming with Python and text processing in Python, etc.
Following are the free Python ebooks download links. Visit these links and master in Python programming and its various applications.
  1. Building Skills in Programming: how to write your own Software using Python View/Download
  2. An Introduction to Python View/Download
  3. Drive into Python View/Download
  4. The Standard Python Library View/Download
  5. Python Tutorial View/Download
  6. Python Library Reference View/Download
  7. Python Imaging Library Handbook View/Download
  8. Installing Python Modules View/Download
  9. Python Reference Manual View/Download
  10. Python 2.5 Quick Reference View/Download
  11. Python 101 cheat Sheet View/Download
  12. Text Processing in Python View/Download
  13. How to think like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python View/Download
  14. Introduction to Programming using Python View/Download
  15. Python HowTos View/Download
  16. Python Tutorial Index Page View/Download
  17. Non-Programmers Tutorial for Python View/Download
  18. Data Structures and Algorithms with Object Oriented Design pattern with Python View/Download
  19. Python Programming for Beginners View/Download
  20. A Byte of Python View/Download
  21. Thinking in Python View/Download
  22. Getting_Mod_python Working View/Download
  23. The Django Book View/Download
  24. Python Global Module Index View/Download
  25. Python History View/Download

Free PostScript Programming Ebooks Download

Adobe PostScript is a page description language used for DTP (Desktop Publishing) applications. Various versions of PostScript language are PostScript Level 1, PostScript Level 2 and PostScript 3. PostScript 3 developed on 1997 and it has various enhancements. New Features in PostScript 3 are better color handling, filters, new smooth shading of about 4096 Grey shades, addition of spot colors, etc. In almost all modern printers, PostScript printing is supported. PostScript programs can be produced by another programs.
PostScript language is similar to Forth Language in case of dynamic typing and also similar to Lisp for certain other features. PostScript produce better appearance of text and graphical shapes on printed page or display page according to adobe image model. PostScript descriptions are device independent and high level. PostScript is also acting as an interactive system for controlling raster output devices such as printers and displays.
In this posting i wish to provide you free PostScript Ebooks Download Links. You can get better knowledge about PostScript programming, PostScript Applications, Adobe image model, PostScript language level features, PostScript Device Control, PostScript Rendering and Operators, PostScript Implementation Limits, PostScript Interpreter Parameters, Character sets and Encoding Vectors, System Name encoding and PostScript Operator usage guidelines.
Following are the Free PostScript Ebooks Download Links. Visit these links and master in PostScript Language and its application in Desktop Publishing.
  1. PostScript Language Reference 3rd Edition View/Download
  2. A First Guide to PostScript View/Download
  3. PostScript Language Tutorial and Cookbook View/Download
  4. PostScript Language Program Design View/Download
  5. How to use Adobe PostScript Language Files Properly View/Download
  6. Thinking in PostScript View/Download
  7. Mathematical Illustration View/Download
  8. PostScript Tutorial View/Download
  9. PostScript Quick Tips View/Download
  10. Adobe PostScript Language Specifications View/Download
  11. Adobe's PostScript Language, and why "direct" PostScript makes sense View/Download
  12. PostScript and Ghostscript Resources View/Download

Free PHP Programming Ebooks Download

PHP is general purpose scripting language used for server side scripting. PHP is used for developing dynamic web pages and PHP is platform independent. It is also used for standalone graphical applications. PHP is a free software and its various versions are PHP 1.0, PHP 2, PHP 3.0, PHP 4.0, PHP 4.1.0, PHP 4.2.0, PHP 4.3.0, PHP 4.4.0, PHP 5.0.0, PHP 5.1.0, PHP 5.2.5 and PHP 6 is under development. PHP is popular in Apache Web Servers.
PHP is embedded in HTML for server side scripting in web servers and also used for developing GUI applications. PHP provides command line interface for developing desktop and shell applications. PHP is commonly used in Linux platform with apache web server and with MySQL database. Some PHP applications are WordPress, phpBB and MediaWiki, etc.
In this posting i wish to provide you free PHP programming ebooks download links through which you can learn PHP programming, PHP Server side Scripting, PHP and MySQL database application, Oracle and PHP applications and practical PHP programming, etc.
Following are the free PHP programming ebooks download links. Visit these links and familiarize with PHP programming with MySQL.
  1. The Definitive Guide to Symfony View/Download
  2. PHP Essentials View/Download
  3. The Oracle + PHP Cookbook View/Download
  4. PHP Cookbook View/Download
  5. PHP 5 Power Programming View/Download
  6. Practical PHP Programming View/Download
  7. PHP Manual View/Download
  8. PHP Documentation HowTo View/Download
  9. Intrusion detection System with Snort: Advanced IDS with Snort, Apache, MySQL, PHP and ACID View/Download
  10. Building a Database Driven Web Site Using PHP and MySQL View/Download
  11. PHP GTK 2 Manual View/Download
  12. PHP from Ground Up View/Download
  13. PHP Tutorial 1 View/Download
  14. PHP Tutorial 2 View/Download
  15. PHP Tutorial W3School View/Download
  16. PHP Tutorial: Learn PHP View/Download
  17. PHP/MySQL Tutorial View/Download
  18. PHP and MySQL Tutorial Part 1 View/Download
  19. PHP MySQL Tutorial View/Download
  20. PHP Programming Code Examples View/Download
  21. PHP Basics in Picture View/Download
  22. Accessing ODBC Databases with PHP and PEAR DB View/Download
  23. PHP Function List View/Download
  24. Enabling ODBC Support in PHP under Apache View/Download
  25. Accessing Microsoft SQL Server from PHP under Apache on UNIX or LINUX View/Download
  26. Enabling ODBC Support in PHP under Apache View/Download
  27. PHPunit Pocket Guide View/Download
  28. Data Structures and Algorithms with Object Oriented Design Patterns in PHP View/Download
  29. Programming PHP View/Download
  30. Getting Started: PHP View/Download
  31. PHP Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Notes View/Download

Free Perl Programming Ebooks Download

Perl programming language was developed in 1987 by Larry Wall. Perl is a dynamic programming language which has lot of runtime dynamic behaviors like adding code, extending objects and modifying type system, etc. Perl has features of C language, shell scripting, sed and lisp. Perl has applications in text processing as well as used as scripting language for writing CGI scripts. Lot of high traffic sites are using Perl as scripting language.
Perl code is portable between windows and linux and is maintainable. Perl/tk is used for GUI with Perl Scripts. Perl is used for Rapid action development and also it has application in bioinformatics. Perl program execution has two phases, i.e. compilation time and runtime. Perl package is a free software and it is distributed with more than one twenty thousand function tests. Perl versions are Perl 1.0, Perl 2.0, Perl 3.0, Perl 4.0, Perl 5.0 and finally Perl 6.0.
In this posting i wish to provide you free Perl programming ebooks download links through which you can learn basic and advance Perl programming, PerlScript, Perl 5, Perl 5 Internals, Practical Perl Programming, Object oriented Perl, web client programming with Perl and secure website access with Perl.
Following are the Free Perl Programming Ebooks Download links. Visit these links and learn Perl CGI scripting, Perl application development and web client programming.
  1. Beginning Perl View/Download
  2. Perl Version 5.10.0 Documentation View/Download
  3. Perl Directory View/Download
  4. Extreme Perl View/Download
  5. Picking up Perl View/Download
  6. Using Perl for Web Programmers 2nd Edition View/Download
  7. Programming Perl 5 View/Download
  8. Perl in a Nut Shell View/Download
  9. Perl Programming 3rd Edition View/Download
  10. Learning Perl 3rd Edition View/Download
  11. Perl Cookbook View/Download
  12. Perl and XML View/Download
  13. Perl & LWP View/Download
  14. Mastering Perl/Tk View/Download
  15. Perl for the web View/Download
  16. Perl 5 Internals View/Download
  17. Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason View/Download
  18. Perl Design Patterns View/Download
  19. Learning Perl the hardy way View/Download
  20. Practical mod_perl View/Download
  21. Practical Perl Programming View/Download
  22. Perl Programming Language View/Download
  23. Perl Quick Reference View/Download
  24. Teach yourself CGI with Perl 5 in a week View/Download
  25. Perl 5 Unleashed View/Download
  26. Perl Tutorial View/Download
  27. Perl - Practical Extraction and Report Language View/Download
  28. Secure Web Site access with Perl View/Download
  29. Teach Yourself Perl 5 in 21 Days View/Download
  30. Web Client Programming with Perl View/Download
  31. Using Perl 5 for web programming View/Download
  32. Object Oriented Perl View/Download

Free Pascal and Delphi Ebooks Download

Pascal is a structural programming language developed in 1970 by Niklaus Wirth. A version of Pascal, Object Pascal is an object oriented programming language. Pascal is based on ALGOL programming language. Pascal has lot of applications and few of them are in Apple Lisa, Mac OS, TeX, Motorola Assembly Language, Total Commander, etc. There is another version of Pascal called Free Pascal and it is widely used for 32 and 64 bit formats.
Delphi is an object oriented language based on Pascal, it is also known as Object Pascal. Delphi is developed by Borland and Delphi is a Rapid action development product. Other Pascal Compilers and interpreters are Dev-Pascal, Chrome, Kylix, GNU Pascal, Virtual Pascal, Turbo Pascal, IP Pascal, Pocket Studio, Web Pascal and Morfik Pascal, etc. In Delphi IDE's Compatible for .Net and Linux are featured.
In this posting i wish to provide you free Pascal and Delphi Ebooks download links through which you can master in Pascal programming and object oriented programming with Delphi. Moreover you can familiarize with modern applications of Pascal and Delphi.
Following are free Delphi and Pascal ebooks download links. Visit these links and familiarize with Pascal and Delphi Programming.
  1. Object Pascal (Delphi) Reference Guide View/Download
  2. Free Pascal Reference Guide View/Download
  3. Delphi 1.0 Object Pascal language Reference Guide View/Download
  4. New Delphi Language Features Since Delphi 7 View/Download
  5. GNU Pascal View/Download
  6. Porting to GNU Pascal from traditional Macintosh Pascal Compilers View/Download
  7. Learning Object Oriented Programming with Delphi View/Download
  8. The Pascal Programming Language View/Download
  9. Pascal Programming Notes View/Download
  10. Roby's Pascal Tutorials View/Download
  11. Pascal Language Tutorials View/Download
  12. Programming dsPIC Microcontrollers in Pascal View/Download
  13. Delphi and Pascal Programming Tutorials View/Download
  14. Delphi Tutorial View/Download
  15. Delphi Tutorials: Digital Coding View/Download

Free JavaScript Ebooks Download

JavaScript is a scripting language used for web side client applications. JavaScript is similar to Java and C in syntax. JavaScript has same naming like that in Java. JavaScript support all C language features like if statement, while loop, switch statement, etc. but have variation is scoping. JavaScript has features like Structural Programming, Dynamic Programming, Prototype Based, run-time environments, supports regular expression and variadic functions.
JavaScript is written inside or embedded with HTML code and it interact with Document Object Model (DOM) in web page. Using JavaScript, you can create pop up windows, web form validation, graphical enhancement such as image changing, etc. Other outside application of JavaScript are formation of ActionScript in Flash, Firefox with JavaScript, Adobe Reader, JScript, JDK 1.6, Qt C++, JavaScript OSA, etc.
In this posting i wish to provide you free JavaScript ebooks download links. These free JavaScript ebooks will guide you to learn basic and advanced usage of JavaScript in web development, JavaScript applications other than web development, JScript, Higher order programming in JavaScript, JavaScript Object Oriented Programming and JavaScript 1.3/1.5 application, etc.
Following are the free javaScript Ebooks Download Links. Visit these links and familiarize with JavaScript programming and master in client side web development.
  1. JavaScript Ebooks Collection View/Download
  2. Adobe Integrated Runtime for JavaScript Developers View/Download
  3. Eloquent JavaScript: An opinionated Guide to Programming View/Download
  4. JavaScript Tutor View/Download
  5. JavaScript Essentials View/Download
  6. Simply JavaScript View/Download
  7. JavaScript Tutorials View/Download
  8. DOM Reference View/Download
  9. Gecko DOM Reference View/Download
  10. DHTML DOM Reference View/Download
  11. From DHTML to DOM Scripting View/Download
  12. JScript 8.0 Reference View/Download
  13. The JavaScript Diaries View/Download
  14. JavaScript the Definitive Guide View/Download
  15. JavaScript Object Oriented Programming Part 1 View/Download
  16. JavaScript Object Oriented Programming Part 2 View/Download
  17. Extending JavaScript Objects and Classes View/Download
  18. OOPS in JavaScript: Public/Private Variables and Methods View/Download
  19. OOPS in JavaScript: Inheritance View/Download
  20. Object Oriented Programming with JavaScript Part 1: Inheritance View/Download
  21. Object Oriented Programming with JavaScript Part 2: Methods View/Download
  22. Classical Inheritance in JavaScript View/Download
  23. Higher Order Programming in JavaScript View/Download
  24. Event Handlers and Callback Functions in JavaScript View/Download
  25. Core JavaScript 1.5 Guide View/Download
  26. Core JavaScript 1.5 Reference View/Download
  27. JavaScript Tutorial View/Download
  28. JavaScript Cake: Tutorials and Scripts View/Download
  29. JavaScript Tutorial: W3Schools View/Download
  30. JavaScript Tutorial: JavaCommerce View/Download
  31. JavaScript Tutorial: Tizag View/Download
  32. Thau's JavaScript Tutorial View/Download
  33. JavaScript Kit - JavaScript Reference View/Download
  34. JavaScript Authoring Guide View/Download
  35. JavaScript Anatomy of Drag and Drop View/Download
  36. JavaScript Tutorial Reference View/Download
  37. JavaScript Manual of Style View/Download
  38. Introduction to JavaScript View/Download
  39. Teach Yourself JavaScript in a Week View/Download
  40. JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer View/Download
  41. Using JScript View/Download
  42. JScript Reference View/Download
  43. JScript Lanugage Reference View/Download

Free HTML, XHTML, DHTML Ebooks Download

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is markup language used in web pages. HTML describes text, image, links and file downloads etc in a web page. It is thus provides the appearance of a web page. HTML also support embedded scripting language such JavaScript and VB Script for some applications in web browser at client side. HTML versions are HTML 2.0, HTML 3.0, HTML 3.2, HTML 4.0, HTML 4.01 and todays final version HTML 5 is in development.
XHTML is another markup language based on HTML 4.01 with addition of XML. Various XHTML versions are XHTML 1.0, XHTML 1.1, XHTML 2.0 and todays final version XHTML 5.0 is in development. We can say HTML is an application of SGML and XHTML is that of XML. Today in web developments, XHTML is adopting very quickly. Various other versions of XHTML are also there for mobile devices and for voice and visual interactions . They are XHTML Basic, XHTML Mobile Profile, XHTML + Voice, etc.
DHTML (Dynamic HTML) is a combination of HTML, Scripting Language, Cascade Style Sheets (CSS), Document Object Model, etc. This DHTML is developed to create animated and interactive websites.
In this posting i wish to provide you free HTML, XHTML and DHTML Ebooks which will help you to get familiarize with HTML, XHTML and DHTML coding. These free ebooks will teach you how to use XHTML and CSS, how to insert Flash into XHTML, provides you with various coding examples, etc.
Following are the free HTML, XHTML and DHTML ebooks download links. Visit these links and master in web development with HTML, XHTML and DHTML.
  1. HTML Ebook Collection View/Download
  2. HTML Code Tutorial View/Download
  3. HTML and DHTML Reference View/Download
  4. Using HTML 4 View/Download
  5. HTML and CSS Tutorials and Stuff View/Download
  6. HTML and XHTML: The Definitive Guide View/Download
  7. Introduction to Dynamic HTML View/Download
  8. Beginners Guide to DHTML View/Download
  9. XForms Essentials View/Download
  10. Introduction to XForms, Part 1 : The new Web Standard for Forms View/Download
  11. Introduction to Web Design View/Download
  12. XHTML 1.1 Reference View/Download
  13. HTML and Dynamic HTML View/Download
  14. Writing HTML View/Download
  15. Gecko DOM Reference View/Download
  16. HTML Tutorial View/Download
  17. HTML Tutor View/Download
  18. Hyper Text Markup Language: HTML View/Download
  19. HTML Tutorial Ver 0.8.2 View/Download
  20. HTML Coding View/Download
  21. How to correctly insert Flash into XHTML View/Download
  22. Using HTML Second Edition View/Download
  23. Web Publishing with HTML View/Download
  24. Using HTML 3.2, Java 1.1, and CGI View/Download
  25. Introduction HTML View/Download
  26. HTML by Examples View/Download
  27. How to Use HTML 3.2 View/Download
  28. HTML 3.2 and CGI Unleashed View/Download

Free Fortran Ebooks Download

Formula Translating System (Fortran) is a general purpose language developed for scientific and numeric computation. Various versions of Fortran are Fortran 77 which is an array and module based programming language, Fortran 90/95 which is an object oriented programming language, and Fortran 2003 which is an object oriented and genetic programming language. Fortran has various applications in financial computing, climate modeling, fluid dynamics, computational physics and chemistry, etc. Fortran 2008 is aimed to have few enhancement over Fortran 2003 and have some additional features like parallel processing and bit data type etc.
Fortran is well suited for calculating mathematical expressions. Fortran is portable, reliable and maintainable. It has features like dynamic memory allocation, derived data types, intrinsic function, array assignment, etc. Fortran language is becoming a featured language by adding new enhancements to older versions with out removing old features. So Fortran is keeping its standard and compatible for old programs.
In this posting i wish to provide you free Fortran ebooks download links. By referring these ebooks, you can learn programming in Fortran 66, Fortran 77, Fortran 90/95, Fortran 2003 Fortran 2008 and Visual Fortran. Moreover in this Free Fortran ebooks section i wish to provide you Fortran modular programming techniques, numerical programming techniques and object oriented programming techniques.
Following are the free Fortran ebooks download links. Visit these links and master in Fortran programming and this resource is best for scientists and engineers.
  1. Professional Programmer's Guide to Fortran 77 View/Download
  2. User Notes on Fortran Programming View/Download
  3. Fortran Tutorial View/Download
  4. Open Directory Fortran Materials View/Download
  5. The Fortran Automatic Coding System View/Download
  6. History of Fortran View/Download
  7. IBM Fortran Manual View/Download
  8. Fortran 77 Standards View/Download
  9. Fortran IV Language View/Download
  10. Fortran 90, 95, 2003, 77, Information Resource View/Download
  11. Fortran 77 4.0 Reference Manual View/Download
  12. Interactive Fortran 77 A Hands on Approach View/Download
  13. Fortran 90 Tutorial View/Download
  14. Fortran 95 Standard View/Download
  15. Introduction to Fortran 95 View/Download
  16. Using C and C++ with Fortran View/Download
  17. Modular Programming with Fortran 90 View/Download
  18. Fortran 90 Tutorial - MTU View/Download
  19. Fortran 90 for the Fortran 77 Programmer View/Download
  20. Numerical Recipes in Fortran 77 View/Download
  21. Numerical Recipes in Fortran 90 View/Download

Free Forth Programming Ebooks Download

Forth is a computer programming language which is procedural and stack oriented having no type checking. Forth compilers produce self executable programs similar like other modern compilers. Forth is an interactive language and system consists of words and it can save as image for later use and thus forth is very much extensible. Forth applications are in CAD systems, astronomical applications, space applications, embedded systems, etc. Forth features are highly portable, efficient memory usage, fast execution and short development time. It is used in RISC processors, Open firmware boot ROMs and in FreeBSD OS.
Forth need not want any operating systems and file systems, but can also work under windows, linux and other Operating systems. Forth has self compilation and cross compilation features. Examples of Forth systems are GNU Forth, ANS forth Compilers, Open Firmware Boot Loader ROM, etc.
In this posting i wish to provide you free forth programming ebooks which guide you to learn forth programming basics, forth words and forth applications.
Following are the free Forth ebooks download links. Visit these links and master in forth programming.
  1. Starting Forth - View/Download
  2. Thinking Forth Project View/Download
  3. Thoughtful programming and Forth View/Download
  4. Programming Forth View/Download
  5. Programming Languages Forth View/Download
  6. Forth 79 Standard View/Download
  7. Forth 83 Standard View/Download
  8. The Evolution of Forth View/Download
  9. Space related Application of Forth View/Download
  10. Implementation Issue for super instructions in Gforth View/Download
  11. Multitasking 8051 CAMELFORTH View/Download

Free Cobol Ebooks Download

Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL) is an object oriented programming language used for finance, business and administrative purpose in enterprises and government bodies. COBOL is an oldest language developed in 1959 and COBOL is still using in mainframe systems and Enterprises Application Systems. Various versions of COBOL are COBOL-68, COBOL-74, COBOL-84 and latest version COBOL 2002. COBOL is frequently used in IBM Z/OS . COBOL 2002 has features supporting XML generation, parsing and Unicode, etc.
COBOL applications are very large and contains thousands of code lines. Now a days, lot of maintenance in COBOL applications are going on, especially in Mainframe Computers. Today, Major percentage of Finance Insurance applications are running with COBOL programs. COBOL applications are dealing with enormous amount of data. COBOL language is self documenting, providing English verb like structures and thus non-programmers can understand it. COBOL applications are highly maintainable.
In this posting i wish to provide you free COBOL programming ebooks which will guide you to learn COBOL basics, the four COBOL divisions, Declaring data in COBOL, COBOL file handling, COBOL sorting and merging, COBOL tables and COBOL reporting writing, etc.
Following are the free COBOL programming ebooks download links. Visit these links and familiarize with COBOL programming.
  1. COBOL Programmer’s Guide and Reference View/Download
  2. ZingCOBOL - For COBOL beginners View/Download
  3. COBOL Programming Course View/Download
  4. COBOL Programming Exercises View/Download
  5. COBOL Example Programs View/Download
  6. COBOL lectures and tutorials View/Download
  7. COBOL Material View/Download
  8. Free Cobol Programming View/Download
  9. COBOL Notes View/Download
  10. Teach Yourself COBOL in 21 Days View/Download
  11. zingCOBOL - A Beginners Guide to COBOL Programming View/Download
  12. COBOL Programming Standards View/Download
  13. COBOL programming - tutorials, lectures, exercises, examples View/Download
  14. Kasten COBOL Coding Style View/Download
  15. Enterprise COBOL Programming Guide View/Download
  16. COBOL Language Reference View/Download
  17. COBOL for OS/390 & VM Programming Guide View/Download
  18. VS COBOL II Application Programming Guide View/Download
  19. VS COBOL II Application Programming Language Reference View/Download

Free C# Ebooks Download

C# is a simple object oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. C# is the part of Microsoft.Net Technology. C# syntax is similar to C++ and have some influence from Java. C#.Net is best for distributed environmental software development and embedded systems. C# language is very much portable for C and C++ developers. C# has a unified type system and has a system.object class. C#.Net 2.0 has some more features than the older version and finally C#.Net 3.0 is released on November 2007 as part of .Net Framework 3.5. It has lot of additional features. C#.Net 3.0 features are functional programming capability like Haskell and ML, Language Integrated Query, Object Initializes, Anonymous Type, Lambda Expressions, Automatic Properties and Extension methods.
C#.Net is now platform dependent and suited for Microsoft windows operating system, but open source and platform independent C# compilers, Mono and DotGNU is in final stage. Then C# programs can execute in Windows, Linux, BSD or Mac OS X. Language name C# is pronounced as "C Sharp" and C# is a Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) based language.
In this posting i wish to provide you free C#.Net Ebooks which will guide you to learn C# basics, C# web development, C# application development, C# Classes, C# threads, C# Winforms, C# XML, C# database connectivity and also you can familiarize with frequently asked questions of C#.Net.
Following are the free ebooks download links. Visit these links and familiarize with C# programming and become a great programmer.
  1. C# Ebook Collection View/Download
  2. C# Nuts and Bolts View/Download
  3. C# Classes- Threads, Winforms and XML View/Download
  4. C# - The Basics View/Download
  5. Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in C# View/Download
  6. Dissecting a C# Application: Inside SharpDevelop View/Download
  7. Sams Teach Yourself C# in 24 Hours View/Download
  8. Draft C# Lanugage Specification View/Download
  9. Advanced C# Class Construction Techniques View/Download
  10. A Comparison of Microsoft's C# Programming Language to Sun Micro system's Java Programming Language View/Download
  11. ASP.Net with C# : The Basis View/Download
  12. C# :Your Visual Blue Print for Building .Net Applications View/Download
  13. C# in Detail View/Download
  14. C# Tutorial View/Download
  15. Programmers Heaven C# School View/Download
  16. Visual Studio.Net With C# View/Download
  17. C# References View/Download
  18. C#.Net Web Developers Guide View/Download
  19. C# FAQ for C++ programmers View/Download
  20. C# to Microsoft's IL View/Download
  21. C# Essentials View/Download
  22. C# Station: C# Tutorial View/Download
  23. C# Programming View/Download
  24. .NET Framework FAQ View/Download
  25. The .NET Developer's Guide to Windows Security View/Download
  26. C# Programming Course View/Download
  27. Jagger's C# in Detail View/Download
  28. C# Tutorial View/Download
  29. The IL Disassembler View/Download

Free C++ Programming Ebooks Download

C++ programming language was developed in 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup. C++ is a general purpose object oriented programming language which supports both low level and high level features. C++ language is an enhancement of C programming language and has additional features like object oriented programming features, data abstractions, operator overloading, inheritance, exception handling and thus supports generic programming. C ++ is a platform independent and a general purpose language.
In C++ there are two parts, one is C++ core language features and next is C++ Standard Template Library (STL). This library supports all input, output, graphics functions, system functions, etc. This STL is modified version of C standard library. C++ Compilers are compatible with C language and also supports C Standard Library. Actually C++ introduce Class concept to C language and there by supporting OOP concept such as encapsulation, polymorphisms, inheritance and data abstraction. Few C++ compilers in market are GCC, Comeau C/C++, C++ Builder, Code Gear C++ Compiler and Intel C++ Compiler, etc.
In this posting i wish to provide you free C++ programming ebooks which guide you to learn basic C programming, C++ programming, Object oriented concepts in C++, Concepts of linkers and loaders in C++, Data structures and algorithms in C++, C and C++ styles, Compiler and Compiler generators with C++, techniques for Scientific C++, etc.
Following are free C++ programming ebooks download links. Visit these links and become a good C++ programmer.
  1. C++ Professional Programmer's Handbook View/Download
  2. C++ Annotations View/Download
  3. C++ Standard Template Library Page View/Download
  4. C++ library Reference View/Download
  5. C++ Language Tutorial View/Download
  6. C++ Course View/Download
  7. Zoolib Cookbook View/Download
  8. C++ GUI Programming with Qt3 View/download
  9. How to think like a Computer Scientist: Learning with C++ View/Download
  10. Thinking in C++ Volume 1 View/download
  11. Thinking in C++ Volume 2 View/Download
  12. Applied C++: Practical Techniques for better Software Development View/Download
  13. C++ in Action: Industrial Strength Programming View/Download
  14. C++ A Dialog: Programming with C++ Standard Library View/Download
  15. Optimizing C++ View/Download
  16. C/C++ Reference View/Download
  17. C++ Essentials View/Download
  18. Data Structures and Algorithms with Object Oriented Design Patterns in C++ View/Download
  19. Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days View/Download
  20. The Function Pointer Tutorials for C/C++ View/Download
  21. C++ User's Guide View/Download
  22. C++ Language Reference MSDN View/Download
  23. C++ Reference Guide View/Download
  24. An introduction to GCC: for the GNU compilers gcc and g++ View/Download
  25. C++ From Wikipedia View/Download
  26. Using C and C++ with Fortran View/Download
  27. Wireless Game Development in C/C++ with BREW View/Download
  28. C++ FAQ Lite View/Download
  29. C++, The Rule of Three View/Download
  30. C++ Coding Standard Specification View/Download
  31. C++ Tutorials View/Download
  32. Incompatibility with ISO C and ISO C++ View/Download
  33. Software Design using C++ View/Download
  34. Techniques for Scientific C++ View/Download
  35. C++ Programming for Scientists View/Download
  36. Standard Template Library Programmers Guide - C++ View/Download
  37. Phil Ottewell's STL Tutorial View/Download
  38. Debugging C and C++ Code in a UNIX Environment View/Download
  39. Larch/C++ Reference Manual View/Download
  40. C++ Programming Tutorial View/Download
  41. An Introduction to the Imperative part of C++ View/Download
  42. C and C++ Style Guides View/Download
  43. C++ Portability Guide View/Download
  44. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Using C++ View/Download
  45. An introduction to C++ and Object Oriented Programming View/Download
  46. C++ Nueral Networks and Fuzzy Logic View/Download
  47. Compilers and Compiler Generators: An introduction with C++ View/Download
  48. Language Translation using PCCTS and C++ View/Download
  49. A Beginers C++ View/Download
  50. Introduction to C and C++ Programming View/Download
  51. Teacher's Guide to Practical C++ Programming View/Download
  52. An Overview of C++ Programming Language View/Download
  53. Well Mannered Object Oriented Design in C++ View/Download
  54. C++ Migration Guide View/Download

Free C Programming Ebooks Download

C is a computer programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. C language is general purpose structural programming language. C was developed for system implementation, but it is used for all general purpose applications. C is a machine independent and platform independent language and thus it is used in embedded micro controllers to super computers. Origin of C language was intended for UNIX systems, but later C language dominated as a powerful low level system implementation programming language.
In C programming, all codes are written in functions. Parameters can be passed to function by value, by reference, by name etc. C provides memory allocation such as static memory allocation, automatic memory allocation and dynamic memory allocation. C language uses C Standard Library. This library supports input, output, mathematical functions and time values, etc. C is primary used for implementing operating systems, embedded systems applications and in intermediate language.
In this posting i wish to provide free C programming language ebooks which will guide you to learn C programming language and there by you can develop low level system programs and can concentrate more on Embedded C programming.
  1. The C Programming Language By Brian W Kernighan and Dennis M Ritchie View/Download
  2. Writing Bug Free C Code View/Download
  3. The C Book View/Download
  4. Object Oriented Programming with ANSI C View/Download
  5. ANSI C for Programmers on UNIX Systems View/Download
  6. C Programming Tutorial (K&R Version) View/Download
  7. The New C Standard: An Economic and Cultural Commentary View/Download
  8. Object Oriented Programming with C View/Download
  9. Rationale For American Standard for Information Systems: Programming C Language View/Download
  10. Sams Teach Yourself C in 24 Hours View/Download
  11. C Elements of Style View/Download
  12. Introduction to C Programming View/Download
  13. Programming in C: A Tutorial View/Download
  14. The C Library Reference Guide View/Download
  15. A Tutorial on Pointers and arrays in C View/Download
  16. C Language Reference View/Download
  17. Programming in C View/Download
  18. Incompatibilities Between ISO C and ISO C++ View/Download
  19. Programming in C : UNIX Systems Calls and Subroutines using C View/Download
  20. C programming by Steve Holmes View/Download
  21. Parallel Programming in C for Transputer View/Download
  22. Beej's Guide to C Programming View/Download
  23. Phil's C Course View/Download
  24. C Programming Notes by Steve Summit View/Download
  25. C programming Tutorial View/Download
  26. An Introduction to GCC: for GNU Compilers GCC and g++ View/Download
  27. Learning GNU C View/Download
  28. The GNU C Library View/Download
  29. The GNU C Programming Tutorial View/Download
  30. The Objective C 2.0 Programming Language View/Download
  31. Objective Oriented Programming and the Objective C Language View/Download
  32. Numerical Recipes in C View/Download

Free Visual Basic Ebooks Download

Visual Basic is an event driven 3rd generation programming language developed by microsoft. It is derived from BASIC programming language. Visual basic allows programmers to create Graphical User Inerface based applications and also allows them to access various database through DAO, RDO and Active Data Objects (ADO) methods. Visual Basic allows programmers to do windows programming using various Application programming interfaces (APIs). VBA and VBScript are the scripting languages similar to visual basic syntax.
Visual basic is most popular programming language and its successor edition is visual basic.Net. In visual basic, programmers can create their own active x components or controls and can embedded with the programs. More over programmers can develop Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL) and there by they can group functions as a library for frequent calling in different instruction of the program. In Visual basic programmers can create executable files and can develop the final package using package deployment tool.
In this posting i wish to provide you free visual basic programming language ebooks along with few BASIC language books. These free VB ebooks will guide you to learn visual basic programming with windows API and DLLs and thereby programmers can develop stand alone Graphical User Based Applications.
Following are the Free Visual Basic Ebooks download links. Visit these links and master in Visual Basic, the most popular 3rd generation programming language.
  1. Visual Basic and .Net Book Collection View/Download
  2. ZX81 Basic Programming View/Download
  3. BASIC View/Download
  4. Pick/BASIC : A Programmers Guide View/Download
  5. Programmed Lesson in QBASIC View/Download
  6. Hardcore Visual Basic View/Download
  7. Programming PIC Micro controller in BASIC View/Download
  8. Introducing Visual Basic 2005 for Developers View/Download
  9. Using Visual Basic 6 View/Download
  10. Visual Basic Tutorial View/Download
  11. Visual Basic Essential View/Download
  12. Upgrading Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic.Net View/Download
  13. Sams Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 in 24 Hours View/Download

Free Computer References Ebooks

In this posting i wish to provide you free computer science ebooks reference and sites. In this reference section, following are the free tutorials and materials, they are online dictionary and download ebooks of computing, technical encyclopedia, Linux dictionary, Free Computer Ebooks Index, Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures, Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats, Dictionary of Programming Languages, Programing language examples, API Reference books, Source Code Search Engines, Apache reference, E-Commerce Dictionary and Oracle Reference.
Following are the free computer ebooks references providing. Visit these reference links and get what you need while doing programming or dealing with computer. This posting is really helpful for computer programmers. This collection also provides you free online computer encyclopedia links and online computer source code and knowledge search engine links.
  1. Free Computer Ebooks Index View/Download
  2. Wikipedia - Free Encyclopedia of All Subjects View/Download
  3. Onelook Dictionary Search View/Download
  4. Codes Examples View/Download
  5. Codase - Source Code Search Engines View/Download
  6. API Reference View/Download
  7. IT Quick Reference Finding Documentation View/Download
  8. Tech on the Net View/Download
  9. Oracle JDBC API Reference View/Download
  10. Prototype API Documentation View/Download
  11. Dojo API Reference View/Download
  12. JAVA API Specification View/Download
  13. Edmund's Computer Reference Guide View/Download
  14. Quick Reference Cards - Web & Markup, Delphi, Ada, C, C#, C++, Java, Perl, etc. View/Download
  15. Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook View/Download
  16. Morgan's Training View/Download
  17. UNIX Online Man Pages View/Download
  18. Design Patterns Dictionary View/Download
  19. Dictionary of Programming Languages View/Download
  20. The Electronic Commerce Dictionary View/Download
  21. Network Protocols Dictionary View/Download
  22. Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheets View/Download
  23. Apache Desktop Reference View/Download
  24. Encyclopedia of Graphical File Formats View/Download
  25. Computer Programming Algorithm Dictionary View/Download
  26. Dictionary of Algorithm and Data Structures View/Download
  27. Linux Dictionary View/Download
  28. Technical Encyclopedia View/Download
  29. Free Online Dictionary of Computing View/Download
  30. 3D Computer Dictionary View/Download

Free Parallel Computing Ebooks Download

In Parallel computing, large tasks are divided into sub tasks and executed concurrently. That means many instructions are processed simultaneously. There are different forms of parallelism. They are bit level parallelism, data parallelism, task parallelism and instruction level parallelism, etc. Parallel computing is used in high performance systems such as mainframe systems, High performance ERP Systems and Super Computers. In Modern Parallel Computer Systems, programs and different process runs simultaneously and even parallel computing is done in hardware also.
Modern Multi Core processors are based on parallelism. Intel Dual Core, Core 2 family processors are multi core processors. Some other Systems which have parallel computing are Symmetric multi core processors, Distributed memory processors, Cluster computing, Massive parallel processing, grid computing and specialized parallel computers, etc. Some other parallel processing applications are in reconfigure computing with FPGA, GPGPU Graphics processing, ASIC applications and Vector Processors.
In this posting i wish to provide you free parallel computing ebooks which will guide you to learn what is parallel computing, designing and building parallel programs, network parallel computing, parallel programming in c and Fortran, MPI and Parallel Complexity theories.
Following are the free parallel computing ebooks download links. Visit these links and familiarize with parallel computing and parallel programming.
  1. Designing and Building Parallel Programs View/Download
  2. PVM: Parallel Virtual Machine View/Download
  3. Introduction to Parallel Computing View/Download
  4. Parallel Programming in C for Transupter View/Download
  5. Numerical Recipes in Fortran - Parallel Programming View/Download
  6. MPI : The Complete Reference View/Download
  7. Parallel Computing Works View/Download
  8. Parallel Complexity Theory View/Download
  9. Parallel Computing View/Download

Free Operating Systems Ebooks Download

In computer systems, there are various physical computer hardware components, different application softwares and an operating system. A computer user or a programmer will access these application softwares or internal systems resource only by the help of system software, i.e. Operating System (OS). Operating systems performs process management, memory management, disk and file system management, facilitating Computer networking, controlling input and output devices, etc. Common desktop Operating Systems are Linux, Unix, Windows, Sun Solaris and Mac OS X, etc. Windows is the most popular home PC Operating System and Linux is popular network Server Operating system. Mac OS, Solaris and Linux were developed by getting the inspiration from UNIX operating system design.
Most modern operating systems supports graphical user interface and allows users to install various other interfaces. Example of such interfaces are X window system in Linux, BSD and Minix, etc. In operating systems device drivers are the special software need to install for allocating hardware resource and for interacting with the computer hardware components. In mainframe applications, operating systems are OS/390, Z/OS, UNIVAC 1108, Z/VM, etc. In apple computers operating systems such as FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, etc are used. Various version of famous Linux operating systems are Red Hat Linux, SuSe Linux and Ubuntu Linux, etc. In embedded systems real time operating systems (RTOS), Windows CE, etc are used. In mobile computing Palm OS is commonly used. Famous networking Operating systems are Netware, Windows Server and Linux Server operating systems.
In this posting i wish to provide you free operating systems ebooks which help you to learn operating system functions, design of operating systems and file system design, process and synchronization, memory management, disk management, protection and security, etc. This posting concentrate more on operating system working and implementation.
Following are the free operating systems ebooks download links. Visit these links and familiarize with operating system working.
  1. Unix and Linux Operating Systems View/Download
  2. Lecture Notes on Operating System View/Download
  3. The Little Book on Semaphores View/Download
  4. Practical File System Design View/Download
  5. Programming the Be Operating System View/Download
  6. A History of Apple Operating System View/Download
  7. The Design of an Operating System and a Compiler View/Download
  8. An Operating System Vade Mecum View/Download
  9. How Operating Systems Work View/Download
  10. A Short Introduction to Operating Systems View/Download
  11. Mac OS X Unleashed View/Download
  12. Implementing CIFS: The Common Internet File System View/Download
  13. The Operating Systems Handbook View/Download
  14. Safety Critical Operating Systems View/Download
  15. Write Your Own Operating Systems View/Download
  16. Operating Lectures Systems Notes View/Download

Free Scientific Computing Ebooks Download

Scientific Computing or Computational Science or Numerical Computation is the branch of Computer Science and is used for solving problems in scientific and engineering field with the aid of computers. Various mathematical models and numerical solution techniques are used for this. Main application of this field is in Computer Simulation. Scientific computing systems involve in massive calculations and thus executed in super computers and parallel computers.
Few applications of Numerical computation are numerical simulations, model fitting and data analysis and optimization, etc. Several models and algorithms used in computational science are numerical analysis, Taylor series, Automatic differentiations, finite differences, graph theory suites, rectangular rule, trapezoidal rule, Simpson's rule, Runga kutta method, monte carlo methods, numerical linear algebra, Discrete fourier transform, newton's method, time stepping methods, Gaussian Elimination Methods etc.
In this posting i wish to provide you free scientific computing ebooks which will guide you to learn Scientific computing and numerical methods used by engineers and scientists, Methods in Acoustics, numerical computation, multigrid methods, numerical methods and data analysis, Electronics transactions on numerical analysis and data analysis, etc.
Following are free Numerical computation ebooks download links. Visit these links and familiarize with scientific computing and its applications.
  1. What every Computer Scientist should know about Floating Point Arithmetic View/Download
  2. A Beginer's Course in Boundary Elements Methods View/Download
  3. The Boundary Elements methods in Acoustics View/Download
  4. Numerical Computation Guide View/Download
  5. An introduction to Multigrid Methods View/Download
  6. An introduction to Multigrid Methods for large scale computations View/Download
  7. Numerical Methods for Electrical and Computer Engineers View/Download
  8. Numerical Methods Course Notes View/Download
  9. Numerical Methods in Scientific Computing View/Download
  10. Fundamental Numerical Methods and Data Analysis View/Download
  11. Numerical Computing with MATLAB View/Download
  12. Numerical Receipes in C View/Download
  13. Numerical Receipes in Fortan 77 View/Download
  14. Numerical Receipes in Fortan 99 View/Download
  15. GNU Scientific Library - Reference Manual View/Download
  16. Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis View/Download
  17. LAPACK User's Guide View/Download
  18. OCTAVE: Interactive Language for Numerical Computation View/Download

Free Information Theory Ebooks Download

Information theory is a branch of mathematics and engineering based on probability theory and statistics theory. Information theory has main applications in communication engineering, data analysis, neurobiology, psychology, electrical engineering and statistical inference. Information theory is a subject based on mathematical laws for deciding the state of data while transfered, stored and retrieved. Those state of data according to various types are bandwidth, noise, data transfer rate, storage capacity, propagation delay, resolution, distortion, dynamic range, etc.
Applications of information theory are there in ZIP files (Data compression), MP3 and channel coding, etc. Information theory has applications in artificial intelligence, adaptive systems, informatics, machine learning, complex systems and complexity science. In data encoding and error correction mechanism, information theory is used. In information theory quantities of information are entropy, random variable information and mutual information, etc. Coding theory is the major application of information theory. Coding theory is divided into source coding and channel coding.
In this posting i wish to provide you free information theory ebooks which guide you to learn the concept of information theory, information theory inference and algorithms, information theory and entropy and mathematical theory relating information theory, etc
Following are the free information theory ebooks download links. Visit these links and familiarize with information theory and its application.
  1. Discovering Information Systems - An Exploratory Approach View/Download
  2. Information Theory, Inference and Learning Algorithms View/Download
  3. Algorithmic Information Theory View/Download
  4. A Short Course in Information Theory View/Download
  5. Primer in Information Theory View/Download
  6. Information, Randomness and Incompleteness View/Download
  7. A Discipline Independent Definition of Information View/Download
  8. An Introduction to Information Theory and Entropy View/Download
  9. A Mathematical Theory of Communication View/Download
  10. The limits of mathematics: A course on Information Theory and the limits of Formal Reasoning View/Download

Free Information Retrieval (IR) Ebooks Download

IR (Information Retrieval) is a science of searching and retrieving information or meta data from a document or database or world wide web. Information retrieval has its own applications in computer science. Automated Information retrieval systems are used for reducing information overloads. In search engines, data is retrieving more accurately and quickly by proper implementation of this Information retrieval theory. In information retrieval systems data are stored in the form of text, document, images or videos. When a user input queries for retrieving data, IR systems compare it with the data stored in the system and retrieve it quickly, accurately and with great relevance. Searching algorithms are used for this. In almost all Information Retrieval Systems, ranking of data is done with numerical values and according to the rank information is displayed.
Few open source Information Retrieval (IR) systems are Datapark Search, Lemur, MG full text retrieval System, Terrier, Zebra, Wumpus, Lucene and Zettair, etc. Some other information retrieval tools are ASPseek, iMacros, iHOP, MEDIE, Fluid Dynamics Search Engine, GalaTex, Information Storage and Retrieval using Mumps, Sphinx, Biospider and Info-PubMed etc.
In this posting, i wish to provide you free information retrieval ebooks which guide you to learn basics of information retrieval, mining the web and search engine information retrieving systems, etc.
Following are the free information retrieval ebooks downloads links. Visit these links and familiarize with information retrieval and its applications in world wide web with other domains.
  1. Introduction to Information Retrieval View/Download
  2. Information Retrieval: A Survey View/Download
  3. Information Retrieval: A Course of Nijmegen View/Download
  4. Information Retrieval: 2nd Edition View/Download
  5. Information Retrieval Interactions View/Download
  6. Information Retrieval Lecture Notes View/Download
  7. Mining the Web: Discovering Knowledge from Hypertext Data View/Download
  8. Modern Information Retrieval View/Download
  9. Information Retrieval Research View/Download
  10. Information Retrieval (LIT) View/Download
  11. Information Retrieval Projects View/Download

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