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In Parallel computing, large tasks are divided into sub tasks and executed concurrently. That means many instructions are processed simultaneously. There are different forms of parallelism. They are bit level parallelism, data parallelism, task parallelism and instruction level parallelism, etc. Parallel computing is used in high performance systems such as mainframe systems, High performance ERP Systems and Super Computers. In Modern Parallel Computer Systems, programs and different process runs simultaneously and even parallel computing is done in hardware also.
Modern Multi Core processors are based on parallelism. Intel Dual Core, Core 2 family processors are multi core processors. Some other Systems which have parallel computing are Symmetric multi core processors, Distributed memory processors, Cluster computing, Massive parallel processing, grid computing and specialized parallel computers, etc. Some other parallel processing applications are in reconfigure computing with FPGA, GPGPU Graphics processing, ASIC applications and Vector Processors.
In this posting i wish to provide you free parallel computing ebooks which will guide you to learn what is parallel computing, designing and building parallel programs, network parallel computing, parallel programming in c and Fortran, MPI and Parallel Complexity theories.
Following are the free parallel computing ebooks download links. Visit these links and familiarize with parallel computing and parallel programming.
  1. Designing and Building Parallel Programs View/Download
  2. PVM: Parallel Virtual Machine View/Download
  3. Introduction to Parallel Computing View/Download
  4. Parallel Programming in C for Transupter View/Download
  5. Numerical Recipes in Fortran - Parallel Programming View/Download
  6. MPI : The Complete Reference View/Download
  7. Parallel Computing Works View/Download
  8. Parallel Complexity Theory View/Download
  9. Parallel Computing View/Download

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