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Assembly language is low-level programming language which has symbolic instructions for each machine code in a particular CPU architecture. This representation or instruction is developed by each CPU manufactures. Thus instruction set of assembly language is different for 8085 architecture from that of pentium 4 assembly instruction set. In assembly language, utility program assembler is used to translate assembly language code to machine language. Application of assembly language is for device driver developments, embedded systems, real time systems, etc. In these systems it is used for direct hardware manipulations. In most modern assembly languages a macro assembler is included. In assembly lanaguage instruction are simple when compared to high level programming lanaguage.
Machine language can be explained as the instruction or code directly executed by computer's CPU. It is the lowest level of abstraction for representing a computer program. Similar like assembly instruction set, every CPU has its own machine instructions. Instruction or data represented in only the combination of 0's and 1's directly in machine language. There is no symbolic instruction as like in Assembly lanaguage.
In this posting i wish to provide you free assembly and machine language ebooks. These ebooks will definitely guide you to learn RISC, machine language, assembly language of 8086/intel pentium, win32 programming of x86 assembly language, ATMEL AVR processor assembly language, 80x86/87 assembly language programming, MIPS assembly language, PC assembly language, etc
Following are the free assembly and machine language programming ebooks download links. Visit these links and master in assembly and machine language programming.
  1. MMIXware - A RISC computer for the third millennium View/Download
  2. The art of Computer programming View/Download
  3. Machine Language for Beginners View/Download
  4. The Second book of Machine Language View/Download
  5. Programming from ground up using assembly languages (x86) View/Download
  6. The Art of Assembly Language View/Download
  7. Programmed introduction to MIPS assembly Language View/Download
  8. PC Assembly Language View/Download
  9. Win32 programming for X86 assembly language Programmers View/Download
  10. Beginners introduction to Assembly Language of ATMEL AVR Microprocessors View/Download
  11. 80x86/87 Assembly Language Tutorial View/Download

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